the simple things

I've been waiting to start writing thinking that I need some big diy project to get this thing off the ground, but all this has meant is that I haven't written anything. My projects have gotten delayed recently, either because of logistics (a drill bit that didn't work), or just by life. Mostly by life. As anyone who's actually reading this right now knows, things haven't exactly been easy for me lately. In fact, they've been downright terrible, and I'm not really able to think big picture at the moment. It's enough to just get to the end of the day.

So I've decided that the simple things will have to do right now. Not the step by step guides, or the big reveals, but just the little bits of inspiration that I'm actually able to wrap my mind around right now. That, in a really good moment, are actually able to distract me for a minute. I think that's just the way I'm going to have to start this. I'm easing my way in rather than bursting in with a bang. It's what I can handle, and I've decided I'm just fine with that.

I'm also someone who has an insatiable need to talk, and to talk things out, to the point where I drive people a bit nuts. Me included. So maybe rambling about bits and bobbles, to thin air or not, is just what I need for a little relief. Let's test that theory.


  1. congrats on starting this!! Im now following on my phone! <3

    1. Follow me by "joining this site" too!! The more followers people see on the side the more legit I'll seem! Slowly but surely right? ;)


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