project organize: first baby steps

At first glance, my apartment looks pretty good. I mean, I'll never be satisfied with it, but it's generally pretty tidy and calming and seemingly 'put together'. I have a dirty secret though. Look in my drawers and cabinets and you will find this:

and this:

Think that second shelf in the bathroom cabinet actually looks pretty ok? Well, think again. Feast your eyes on the inside of one of those baskets:

Embarrassing. This doesn't even include the super scary 'storage' spaces like closets and chests of drawers. 

So one too many things falling out of cabinets, or instances in which I bought things only to realize that I already had them but had forgotten due to ALL THE CRAP IN THE WAY, convinced me to tackle this shit. 

First up, my miscellaneous/baking drawer in the kitchen. 

Here's the before:

and here is what $7.50 at Dollarama got me!


The bathroom cabinet is next on the list, but this one is tricky. It's super deep (18 inches to be exact) so I need solutions that will allow me to access the stuff at the back easily while keeping each bin from becoming a "catch-all" (aka dump bucket), and making sure that the taller items don't just fall over when I pull the bin out. Been doing a lot of research, but no perfect option so far. The only solution? MORE RESEARCH.

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