how does one start a blog? no really.

So tonight I discovered something. Despite going back to the very beginning of your favourite design blogs' archives, you will never find the first post. Even if you know the author only started writing a couple of years ago. All traces of their fumbling, awkward beginnings have been erased. All those posts where they were clearly only talking to friends (the ones that loved them enough to follow no matter what they were talking about), but still wrote like they were talking to strangers in the hopes of attracting some? Gone. 

And to be honest, that kinda sucks. It would really help me out right now to know how other people, the ones whose blogs inspired me to start my own, got past this initial hump. How they balanced trying to attract readers by posting great diy's and current projects with not posting all of the good stuff before anyone was actually listening. As a new friend put it last night, "you don`t want to blow your load too early". She's right, obviously. But it means that I'm concentrating so hard on not being a one minute girl that doing anything else clever is going to be a struggle. It's the writing equivalent of staring at the wall and thinking about baseball. Hard. 

Sigh. I now understand the pain. 

On the other hand, maybe someday I'll want to erase this post too. Maybe I'll get to the point where I'm professional enough that I won't want a record of my first post, in which I essentially compared myself to an 16 year old kid who's never touched breasts before. 


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