lady love - jessica chastain

I've officially decided that Jessica Chastain can do no wrong.

I really didn't like Tree of Life. That movie was beyond me. I'm obviously not artsy or philosophical or introspective enough or something. Ok that last part isn't true. But Tree of Life just felt like it was oozing pretension from its every pore.

The only thing I did like (other than Brad Pitt, but what else is new), was the statuesque redhead I didn't recognize. Her scenes were completely captivating. She was hauntingly beautiful. I NOTICED her.

Now The Debt, I loved. I thought it was one of the best movies of the year, at least in terms of acting. And JC was the best of the lot. I literally thought she blew away the veterans in that movie, which is saying quite a bit. There were some chops in that movie.

She just felt so real.

But it was the discovery that she played Celia in The Help that just clinched it for me. I didn't even realize that was her!

I would never, in a million years, have guessed that that was the same actress. She is so ridiculously versatile, I honestly feel like she just becomes her characters. I haven't seen anything like it in an actress in I don't know how long.

Actors sure, but not actresses.

I'm officially smitten.

I mean, look at her. Damn girl.

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