the never ending project

I constantly have a million projects on the go around my apartment. Before I'm done one I have an amazing idea for another, and absolutely can't wait to start. I literally feel like I have to buy the supplies, or do hours and hours of research about what I'll need, RIGHT NOW, even though five minutes ago I wasn't thinking about it at all.

It's why each project takes me so long to complete, or at least most of them do. It's like I've got twenty books beside the bed instead of one, and I'm reading a couple of chapters of one, a few pages of another, and seeing how long it will take me to get through them all. Ridiculous I know, but I can't help it. 

Yesterday I decided I should write down what I have in the works right now, mostly because I realized that I was losing track. Some are almost done, some are barely started, but all of them will happen eventually. 
A few of these I'm going to document here on the blog, either in step by steps or before and afters. Hopefully some of them will inspire you!

First on the list: #8 aka Project Organize, in which I try to overcome the fact that I was born with a knack for making things pretty, but not for making them neat or orderly. This is evidenced by the number of things that crash out of cupboards on a daily basis around here, breaking pretty pink and gold Ikat bowls, falling on my head, or just scaring the shit out of G.

Guess which one bothers me most. 

Yes, I realize I'm a bad person. But it was PINK and GOLD!

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