to fig leaf or not to fig leaf, that is my question

So the most resilient plant I have ever owned -- the only one to ever make it past a couple of months with me -- has finally kicked the bucket. It withstood my black thumb, but sadly not July's heatwave, leaving me in the market for a replacement.

And so the great fig debate rages once more.

Last year I posted about wanting one so damn bad I could taste it, but went with a much safer choice instead. I mean, these beauties are notoriously finicky, and my track record isn't exactly stellar.

Here's the thing - I'm going out to pick out a the replacement tomorrow, and I'm really not sure I can resist figgy's call this time. I feel a bit like I'm throwing money straight down the toilet, but are you even allowed to call yourself a design lover anymore if you haven't killed at least one? I mean, you can't right?

For your reference, said beauty would go beside my sofa, where the dearly departed once stood:

Someone talk me out of it. Or into it. I can't decide . . .

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  1. My name is Shelley, and..... I am a murderer of plants. I don't have the best record for keeping plants alive, BUT I've had my fiddle leaf fig for maybe a year and the darn thing is still alive! It sits in front of a SE facing window, gets a heavy watering over the sink so it can drain out about once a week, and that is seriously all I do. No plant food or fertilizer. Mine isn't a full blown tree, probably hits below my shoulders, and was only $35 when I bought it so I don't feel like I'm out any money if she kicks the bucket. I say, if you can pick one up at a good price, go for it!

  2. I bought one at Home Depot for 19.99 and it was amazingly large and full. We brought it home and placed it in the gold spray painted pot I had specially reserved for it. I was so thrilled, it looked fantastic....for about 3 months. I watched the plant drop leaves daily and turn into a withered brown twig. It was so sad. I have since replaced the fiddle leaf fig with a rubber plant and it is doing sooo good.

  3. i say fig it.
    and secret advise from a serial plant killer...

    there are nurseries that have "life time guarantee" on their plants... i couldn't believe it at first either. but for example Armstrongs or Orchards both have such return policy where if the plant dies, you can bring it back for full refund, regardless of your black thumb. i have returned several plants there and each time, yes, i do feel guilty. and yes, sometimes they give me the look like they can't believe i killed another one... but they have given me a full refund regardless... and each time, you get better at taking care of them. i know it sounds kind of horrible but they have such return policy for a reason.

    and my fig trees, which i now have 3, and i haven't needed to return any of them.

    so fig it. at least once. and if it dies, return it for something more durable and never fig again.

  4. I agree- fig it all the way. I too have a black thumb- I kill succulents if that gives you any consoloation. We bought a figgy leaf plant and it grows like a weed. We simply give it a good watering once a week and prune it on occasion. It sits near the window where it gets indirect sunlight and it's currently almost 10 ft tall.
    When buying, the taller ones are much more expensive. I'm talking double or triple the price. Go for the shorter ones that fit your budget and in 3-6 months not only are they taller but you've saved yourself a few hundos.

    Good luck and can't wait to see which way you end up going!

  5. Omigosh! I just discovered your blog today and surprise, surprise.. both our blogs start the same way "Peonies & ...."
    Also, I wrote about wanting to buy a fig tree so bad just two days ago. What a coincidence.

  6. Do it! Aaand please post about how it fares, I've been wanting o
    Me for ages and would live a little more inspiration to pick one up! Probably a great tip about starting off with a less pricey "baby starter fig" first.

  7. I bought a second after keeping the first alive for 18 months (a record for ANY indoor plant;) but then the first started dropping leaves like crazy and I couldn't stop it. It's a twig now. I even named it thinking that would help! And then the second was doing bad but it's hanging in there. They're both about 4 ft tall or so (or were!) and so gorgeous. I'm thinking of watering the remaining one with the ice cube method used with orchids.
    Just try it once!!


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