back in the saddle and the sun

Ooooff, did that flu ever have me down for the count! I mean . . . two weeks? In the middle of the summer? I'm pretty sure that's against some kind of law of nature, and if not, it definitely should be. The sun is shining and I'm inside hacking up a lung. That just isn't right people. It's just not right.

Truth be told, my throat still feels like razorblades every time I swallow, and I'm still having coughing fits that keep me up at night, but this hiatus was getting way out of hand. Both in terms of the blog and in terms of life! So on Saturday I decided to force it, and I'm so, so glad I did. One of my nearest and dearest was in town, and we took a trip out to Montreal's botanical gardens to check out the amazing "Horticultural Mosaics" exhibit. I may have needed to rest more than usual, and been a bit worse for wear in the pics, but I was reminded that this city - and this existence - is just too beautiful this time of year to miss . . .

The richness of the colours, the incredible imagination and dedication to craft . . . if anything was going to refresh and re-inspire me, it was this! I'm so grateful to live in a place that celebrates nature, art and creativity so wholeheartedly, and I'll be damned if I waste one more minute of it trapped inside! Hear that flu? Your time is up.

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  1. Work that lens, girl! Photos are looking great :)

  2. This looks like such a unique place!! Hope you're feeling better! x

  3. Uhm, how did I not know about this!? Going this weekend!


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