we interrupt this program for a little summer sickness

Sorry I've been M.I.A. everybody, but I've somehow managed to get the good ol' flu in the middle of the summer, and am completely down for the count.

Hopefully I'll be up and running at full speed soon. In the meantime, go out and enjoy the sunshine for me will ya'?


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insta love: melongings

If you ask me, "Historic home" has got to be one of the most beautiful word pairings in the entire English language. Add in "needs some tlc", and it's like sweet music to my ears. 

As much as I love being a renter right now, one of my ultimate dreams in life is to buy a derelict old fixer upper and restore it to it's former glory. I cannot explain how much I long to polish old hardware, patch ancient moulding, and play up period details with sparkly new fixtures. It's an obsession I just can't shake. 

And that's why Chanee of Melongings studio is one of my absolute favourite people to follow on instagram. Not only is she iving that dream, but she's doing it so freakin' well that it literally takes my breath away. A little over a year ago Chanee and her husband bought a 200-year old Federal style row house in Philadelphia, and what they've done with it (and shared almost solely via insta) is nothing short of amazing. Here's just a taste of the pretty I can't get out of my head:

Are you dying of jealousy yet? If not, this might just do it: that last pic is of Chanee's attic workroom, where she spends her days hand-crafting her absolutely gorgeous line of pillows:

Girl has got talent to spare and a home to die for, and I for one am loving the chance to live vicariously! 

What about you? Are there any instagram users whose feeds you just can't go without? Please do share - if there's anything I can't get enough of, it's pretty distractions!

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the hack I heart the most: Emily from Recently!

Hey there ladies and gents, hope your weekends were grand! Sorry for the radio silence yesterday - I discovered Orange is the New Black on Friday, and pretty much buttkiss got done after that. (Someone please, please cut off my Netflix). Hopefully today's post will help make up for it, though, because the divine Ms. Emily of Recently is stopping by to help me kick off a brand new series: The hack I heart the most!

If you know me, you know there are few things I love more than a good hack - from curtains, to lamps, to wardrobes, almost every item in my apartment has been changed somehow since I got my lil' hands on it. While some of these projects turned out better than others (I've had some real disasters), writing my recent guest post for Sadie + Stella reminded me that the prettiest/most impressive aren't necessarily my favourites. Sometimes, it's the story only I know that makes the results extra sweet.

So I decided to ask some of my fave kindred spirits - bloggers who love to get their hands dirty just as much as I do - to share their favourite hack jobs, and let us in on why they made it to the top of the list. I'm so curious and excited to read their answers, and hope you will be too! And now, the lovely Emily!


Hello.  I'm Emily, from Recently, and I'm a hacker.  It's true.  If I own it, I've probably modified it in some way, or at least thought about it.  As it happens, we hackers tend to find other hackers to hang with.  You know, to support our habit. 

Enter Elyse, a hacker buddy for life (HBFL) and all-around fantastic gal.  Obviously, I jumped at the chance to share my nearest and dearest hacking transformation with Elyse's readers.  This one is my favorite for a few reasons, but first, I'll introduce you:

Meet, the bookcase project.  It was one of my very first projects to share on Recently, and also my first project to appear on Apartment Therapy (every hackers dream!)

It also happens to be the easiest project I've ever completed- all it takes is a few pieces of foam board, some paint, and a brush to achieve an instant transformation.

Oh, but wait...there's a bonus.  You see, foam board has not one, but two sides.  Two sides to modify = double the fun.  So, not too long ago I decided my shelves needed an update.  I simply ordered some of my favorite Rifle Paper Co. wrapping paper and got to work covering the other side of my foam board.  A little fliparoo and a tiny bit of glue later, I had what seemed like a whole new set of shelves:

When I get tired of this look, I only need to flip the foam board back to the painted side.  So easy, and so worth it!

Thanks for letting me share my favorite hack ever with you today, and thank you, Elyse, for having me!


Emily, I've said it before and I'll say it again: you are one impressive lady. A master of styling, a master of photography, and clearly a master of the hack. Hats off, sister. Hats off. 

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fantastic find friday + winner winner art giveaway dinner!

First off, in case you haven't seen it yet, I just had to share the amazingness that is World Market's new striped Dhurrie:

The black and white version is a dead ringer for the ever (insanely) popular IKEA Stockholm, and of course the Madeleine Weinrib that the Stockholm was fashioned after in the first place.


Only difference is, this little lady is only $129.99 - half of what the Stockholm will set you back, let alone the Weinrib. And while it's too bad that it only comes in 5 by 8, this is definitely an instance where breaking out the sewing kit to get an 8 by 10 would be well worth the trouble.

At that price I was initially pretty dubious of the quality, but then yesterday Sherry of Sherry H. Designs posted this to instagram:

And that right there is quality enough for me! I wish, wish, wish I needed another rug. I'm borderline considering buying it anyway and hoarding it in a closet, because I know it'll sell out quick and I know I'll regret not buying it later. And by "it" I mean one in each colour. Clearly.

But I digress, because we have important business to attend to! Without further delay, the winner of the Mary Ann Wakeley original art giveaway is:


You, my lucky friend, are the proud owner of this stunner:

Send me an email with your contact info and we'll get it to you on the double!

And with that, my lovelies, I'm off. I'm thinking it's a d.i.y weekend for me, cuz it's been far too long, and I'm gettin' the itch . . .

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mini convex mirrors, and a mini-ish confession

So you know how I've been fixin' to expand on the gallery wall in my "dressing room"? Well I am currently obsessing - hard - over the possibility of including a teeny, tiny, little round mirror up there to break up all the art. But not just any round mirror. No, I want a baby vintage convex, and nothing else will do . . .

Problem is, everyone seems to have a totally different idea as to what this style of mirror should be called - I've seen convex, federal, bullseye, you name it! Add the size factor onto that and my usual etsy/ebay searches have come up painfully empty. And local shops aren't wielding a winner either.

It's at times like these that I really wish I drove. Because, um, fun fact about me: I don't. Drive that is. And not because I know how but don't like it, but because I never learned. Truth be told, if you put me in a car right now I probably wouldn't be able to tell you which peddle was the gas and which was the brake. . . .

I know, it's crazy. Even crazier, though, is that the commuting, the chores, the desire to be an actual adult . . . those things have never managed to sway me. But the lure of country flea markets that might yield these convex cuties (and other treasures just waiting to be loved)? Now that . . . that might just do it. 

P.S. You've got one more day to enter the original Mary Ann Wakeley painting giveaway! Don't miss it!

{images: 1 // 2 & 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 }

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wallpaper weekly: summers better side

It is just too. damn. hot. I can't move, I can't breathe, and I definitely, definitely can't think. At least not enough for anything profound to be the result.

So instead, I'll settle for sharing a pretty powder room I recently stumbled upon, whose paper somehow manages to remind me of all the things I actually like about summer:

Right now, I am telling you, that is no small feat.

The paper is called Apothecary's Garden, and it's by new-to-me manufacturer Trustworth Studios. I'm loving the vintage-y quality, which comes from the fact that it's a reproduction of an old print - and one by famed designer C.F.A Voysey at that.

Their whole line is definitely worth checking out, especially if you're looking for a kids room. My fave has got to be Four and Twenty . . .

. . . because it's oh so creepy, and oh so awesome. I mean, they're getting baked into pies! (Get it?? Or am I the only one who was nerdily delighted by that name?)

Til' tomorrow my loves! Stay cool!

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chic table fans: the dream and the d.i.y

So it occurs to me that I was so excited about announcing the original art giveaway yesterday that I forgot to ask how your weekends were! Good? Bad? Too short? Mine was . . . well . . . sweaty. After the longest winter I have ever experienced, Montreal is now going through a borderline unbearable heatwave - it currently feels like 105 F with the humidex, and it's supposed to stay that way aaaaaaall week. I might die.

My rental definitely has its charms, but unfortunately a/c isn't one of them. And those noisy window box versions that block all the fresh air? I hate them. A lot. So instead, I'm spending my days lugging a tabletop fan with me from room to room, and wishing that it was a) lighter, and b) a whole lot prettier. I know it's necessary, but hot damn is it an eyesore!

Well, turns out it doesn't have to be. While researching better options, I found what I think may be the most beautiful fan of all time. This right here:

Has done gone blown my mind. Never in a million years did I think a fan could be so sexy.

Unfortunately these vintage gems - which were obviously made by a whole bunch of manufacturers over the course of the early 20th - don't come cheap. The going rate seems to be anywhere from $200 to $600 (the first one above sold for $345 from High Street Market), and if it's closer to the bottom you better make sure that baby works! Sadly, way rich for my blood. Regardless, I'm determined to scour ebay until one of these beauties makes it's way home to me . . .

In the interim I'll be doing what I always do and d.i.y'ing up a cute solution. I'm planning on following Casey's lead (and instructions) and spray paint this $20 Target find for a custom looker that's just right for me! Hers turned out so well, don't you think?

Til' tomorrow luvs! Hope things are a little cooler where you are!

P.S. If you haven't entered that giveaway yet, then you should definitely get on it - this is not one you wanna' miss!

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giveaway: mary ann wakeley original art!

I can't even tell you how excited I am - chuffed! thrilled! giddy! - about the insanely good giveaway I have lined up for you pretties today!! Honestly, I may or may not have spent the last few days trying to figure out how I could rig this thing in my own favour without anyone finding out . . .

If you know me, you know how much I love me some abstract art - especially of the vibrant, lush, overtly feminine variety. Well, the gorgeous work of artist Mary Ann Wakeley is all that and then some:

And because Mary Ann is not only wickedly talented but also crazy generous, one of you lucky readers is going to get to take home her gorgeous - original! - mixed media piece Summer Poem . . .

. . . to have for your very own. 

I know. I kind of can't believe it either. 

This 9 x 12 stunner is ALL KINDS of amazing, and I am seriously, seriously jealous. If the winner wanted to package it right back up and send it over my way I probably wouldn't argue with them. You know. Just sayin'.

Wanna' horde this pretty as much as I do? Here's how . . .

To enter, do however many of the following you'd like, and leave a *seperate* comment for each one telling me you did it! That's up to six entries each folks, so the more you do, the better your chances!
  1. Check out Mary Ann's Saatchi gallery, and pin your favourite piece (or pieces!) to Pinterest
  2. Add Mary Ann to your Saatchi favourites 
  3. Tweet the giveaway, or post about it on facebook. Make sure to include a link to this post!
  4. Follow Peonies & Brass on bloglovin'
  5. Follow Peonies & Brass on Instagram
  6. *Bonus entry!* - share the giveaway announcement I posted on my insta feed on your own insta (you can screencap that baby) for one more shot at taking home the gold! 
*please leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry option! If you only leave one comment saying you did em' all, you'll only have one ticket to the rodeo!*

I'll be announcing the winner (picked via random number generator) on Friday, so be sure to check back and find out if it's you!

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