happy new years


Just popping in to wish you all a Happy New Year! I don't really believe in resolutions, or linking "fresh starts" to a calendar date, but I do have pretty big plans for switching things up this year. Some are sure things, while others are just crossing-my-fingers "I hopes", but I'm gonna do everything I can to make all of them happen. Change is needed, and it's not going to come by sitting on my sofa watching Scandal (but goddamn do I wish it could)!

I hope all of you have fabulous plans for tonight, whether that means hitting the town decked out to the nines or hunkering down with good food and a good movie. See you in 2014!


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Peonies & Brass in Chatelaine magazine!

So a couple of months ago something pretty awesome happened - Julia Black (Associate Home Editor at Chatelaine) contacted me out of the blue to see if I'd be interested in creating a DIY for their Simple Pleasures series. Chatelaine - for those US (and international) readers who may not know - is Canada's #1 magazine, and an absolute institution this side of the border. It's been around for a whopping 85 years, and covers everything from food, to fashion, to (of course) home decor. Most importantly, though, it's just amazingly good, and I absolutely jumped at the chance to be a part of its pages!

This week the issue with my project hit the stands, and I couldn't be happier to finally have my hands on a copy:

I have to admit, seeing my handiwork - and my name! - in a mag as great as Chatelaine doesn't suck one little bit!

The Simple Pleasures series is all about projects you can pull off in a snap, and the Chat crew thought something tea-themed would be perfect for these cold winter months. With these instructions in hand, I set about dreaming up a easy way to unify and organize loose leaf teas, while upcycling containers you already have on hand. And of course, I couldn't resist incorporating that little touch of gold . . .

A huge thank you to the Chatelaine team - especially Julia and Home Editor extraordinaire Emma Reddington - for reaching out to me, and for being so darn lovely to work with. Your commitment to featuring more design bloggers in the mag is honestly amazing, and makes me love it all the more.

And with that, Christmas comes early for one little lady.


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gold foil round-up

Looking to add a little sparkle to your gallery wall or buy some gilded beauties for someone on your list? Here are a few of my faves, all from shops that have more pretty where that came from . . .

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