vintage wooden stools in the bathroom

So one of the sadder things that happened while I was away is that one of my best friends picked up and moved to Vancouver. She went for love, and found an amazing job before even getting there, but that doesn't make missing her any easier. I'm happy for her, sure, but it's a very sulky kind of happy.


Anyway, the other day she sent me a link to an apartment listing she was looking at, and the second I saw the bathroom I told her to get her ass down there and rent that place right away:

I mean, aside from needing a bit of a scrub and tidy, this place has some serious charm, right?? To the ceiling subway tile: check. Chock-full of character wood beams: check. A more thoughtful reno than you usually find in any rental let alone a well priced one: check, check and check. 

What really got me though was that stool. If I were my friend I would work that baby into the lease. It matches the space perfectly, and reminds me just how much I love a time-worn wooden stool in almost any kind of bath, but especially those walled in white:

So simple, yet so perfect. I think this is something that might have to happen in my next place. Which, judging by my current restlessness, might mean sooner rather than later . . .

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what I've been up to

Hey, guess what? I’m not dead! Despite all evidence to the contrary, I haven't actually fallen victim to some sort of freak spraypaint + fire accident. I’ve just been ridiculously, ridiculously busy. 

Work (and trying to maintain some semblance of a social life) has pretty much been taking up every last inch of my brain lately, and unfortunately blogging has had to take a backseat. Hopefully someday my job and my blog can play a little nicer, but for now we soldier on. 

I did manage to fit in a few fun design-y things into the past few weeks though. Like finally setting foot inside a Target . . .

After years of seeing other bloggers post awesome Target swag I couldn't have, I have to admit I was pretty pumped to check it out now that it's finally in Canada! Montreal's version opened this month, and while I can't say I was blown away (a lot of people are saying the stock doesn't compare to the U.S. version) there are definitely some serious gems to be had. Especially anything gold, natural chunky wood, and - of course - Nate Berkus:

My favourite piece was far and away Nate's wood and resin hexagon tray. I have absolutely nowhere to put it, and I definitely don't need it, but I still feel like this is one I'm going to regret not hoarding . . .

I also had a chance to check out a gorgeous Chihuly exhibit with my mama, and this time I was blown away. His work is pure magic. Ethereal, awe-inspiring, magic. 

While the large pieces are incredibly impressive, as always, it's the details that get me . . .

So what about you guys? Been up to anything amazing, fun or inspiring over the last few weeks? I so miss hearing from you, and can't wait to again!

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