small cool is my jam

Know what time of year I love? Apartment Therapy small cool time, that's what. Ooohh, I get so, so flippin' excited to go through every single entry for little living inspiration.

I currently live in a 500 sq ft apartment, and I kind of wouldn't have it any other way. I grew up in 1800 sq ft with a family of 6, a dog and multiple cats, and honestly, it was awesome. Yeah, sometimes we were all on top of each other, but that was a good thing. We fought, we loved, we shared, we got ridiculously, ridiculously close.

Doesn't matter how much money I wrack up, a 5000 sq ft house will never appeal to me. The cleaning alone would drive me mother f-ing crazy, but mostly I just want a space where I'm constantly interacting with the people I love - whether I'm currently liking or not. I want to see them. I want to experience them. I want the people to be my home. 

If you're like me and love a good cozy, quirky, small space, then you've either already made your way through this year's entries, or you really should go waste a couple hours doing it now. My current favourites are most definitely this AMAZING masculine/feminine mix...


And this more glamorous (and yet still restrained) entry. Bonus points for there being a murphy bed behind the big mirror...


So good right?

Even in the less-my-style spaces, it's always amazing checking out how ingenious people figure out how to live in the tiniest of spaces. 

Like putting an art room in a closet . . .


. . . or creating a kitchen that's also a floor . . .


People are so damn clever.

So what do you think? Anyone else drinking the small cool-aid (see what I did there? huh? huh?), or would you always get bigger if you could afford bigger? I can't be alone on this one right?!

Loves and kisses pretties! xoxo

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  1. So happy to know about this series-- thanks for sharing lady!

  2. I love small spaces, and I am totally intrigued by 'making the most out of small spaces'. One of my favorite books ever is The Not So Big House by architect Susan Susanka - you would love it {not my style, but the architectural tips are GENIUS}. My favorite home ever was in college when I lived out of 1/4 of a double wide trailer - no joke. I made that joint CUTE! Now, we live in an old farmhouse that has lots of space, but the more nooks and crannies I can create, the better. No soaring ceilings for this girl.... I'll take the treehouse, thank you.

  3. Heaven! Love them all. They feel so lived in but still beautiful and I wish I was that creative in a small space!!!

  4. I swoon every year when the small cool series/contest comes up. Not only are the spaces well styled but like you said they really do make the very most of a small space.

    Our current abode is about 1100sqft and it feels monstrously large to me. I always grew up in smaller, cozier homes and feel like I have way more space than I know what to do with.

  5. totally drinking the koolaid!!! love, love, love this contest for the ingenuity that you posted above!

    i'm moving into a new space ~525sqft and my goal is to have it gussied up enough to enter it into next year's contest.

    You should enter your apartment too!


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