blogger lovin': the hunted interior's budget (actually!) bathroom

If you love interior design mags (and if you're here, well, you probably do) then like me you're likely resigned to the fact that when someone says "budget", it's not your budget they're talking about. Nope. Not even a little.

When I say budget I don't mean a "high low mix". I mean a low low mix. I mean a "ikea is still expensive to me" mix. I mean a "that knockoff still ain't cheap" mix. I'll buy the knock-off if I can find it on craigslist, otherwise I'm finding a chair at goodwill and cracking out the spray paint.

That's why I love bloggers like Kristin of the Hunted Interior. Today Kristin posted her bathroom makeover, and every single item in that newly prettified room was hacked, painted, and elbow greased into fabulousness. No splurges. Just awesome.

She made the mirror for $13. She sprayed a $25 outdoor light fixture. She got down on her hands and knees and painted those floor tiles her own damn self.

Kindred spirit.

I don't often repost other peeps' projects, but this lady deserves a hat tip. A "I found it at a garage sale" hat tip.

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  1. Saw this too, LOVE! Also I completely agree about the 'budget' nonsense!! :)

  2. Oh, also this bathroom was done for Room Service Atlanta. :)

  3. Ah amazing! It's so girly and glam. I love a good budget.

  4. Absolutely beautiful! Love the black/white combo!

  5. hahah love this. Awesome results!

  6. So true, magazines have lost touch with the "real people"! I commented to my husband recently that the shoes and clothes shown in many magazines are $300 to $600 and how I don't know anyone that could afford that! I can remember when an expensive pair of shoes was in the $80 to $90 range! My husband makes a decent living as a dentist but I couldn't afford a $300 pair of shoes!!!! Same true for furniture...I don't know anyone who can afford a $6,000 sofa!


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