i heart your art: jenny andrews-anderson

There are obviously a lot of really amazing things about blogs and blogging - the inspiration, the connections - but one of the coolest and, I think, least recognized is that it allows you to participate in a journey you otherwise wouldn't have. By following a creative's blog, you get the chance to watch them grow - to witness their progression, their toil, their visible improvement over time. You get to be privy not only to the result, but also to the process. It's inspiring and it's real. It's an awesome reminder that talent takes time and work, and that we all start somewhere.

I'm reminded of this when I look at the work of Jenny Andrews Anderson, the blogger and artist behind the hilarious MFAMB. I've read MFAMB for years, and I must admit that I can't actually remember when Jenny started using it to showcase her painting skills, but I can remember that for a while I wasn't really sold. If I'm totally honest, I just didn't see what others were seeing. I wanted to, but I didn't.

But with time, all that has changed. Whenever Jenny has released new work I've liked it more than her last. Her brush strokes have become more self-assured, more calculated, her choices more confident. I - along with every other fan of her blog - have gotten to see her genuine talent grow.

That's pretty special.

At this point I would happily (and very excitedly) pull out my wallet to bring some of Jenny's work into my own home. And I know that if I did, it would be made all the more special by the journey I've gotten to go on alongside this talented artist.

It's a pretty great place this bloggy land of ours. 

P.S. the fact that she named one of her paintings "Mathletes"? I think you can just guess how I feel about that. 

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  1. Hahaha...I'm actually in the process of commissioning one of her pieces as a 'congrats to self for working in the real world for a year' post-grad school gift. I showed some of her early stuff to my bf and he said, "I feel like this is what people are talking about when they say their kids could paint it" and then, sneaky sneaky, later I showed him some of her more recent works and he loved them. I agree, she's gotten good!

  2. I am right there with you...completely obsessed with EVERY single piece that she paints! She is truly talented...too bad they sell out in a flash! I need to commission a piece from her!


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