going craigslist crazy!

If you read this blog regularly you know I've been looking for a sofa bed that doesn't break the bank or make me puke all over its ugliness for a while now. Those things just don't come cheap and/or pretty, and I have been having absolutely no luck.

Well, after weeks of scouring craigslist and kijiji (which is actually just as popular as CL in Canada) I think I may have found the perfect one. Get a load of this lady:

It's actually a dark leather under that slipcover, and looks like a quality piece, so I'm fairly sure the cushions are down. Which would make me DIE. It's exactly the right size (78" long), has a high back like I wanted, would be even cozier with all my toss cushions on it (I'd lose those littlies in the pic), and the custom slipcover means I could have a light sofa and still let G up on it. Win, win, win, WIN.

It's a bit more than I was hoping to spend, but still way under a grand, and I know that custom slips don't come cheap. So I'll survive.

For your reference, this is my current sofa situation...

The only hitch is that the sellers aren't returning my emails and I am going NUTS waiting for them to get back to me!

What do you think? Am I right to be so antsy or should I keep looking? Cross your fingers for me!!

P.S. I've jumped on the Bloglovin train!
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  1. Ummm...can i have your current situation? because it's awesome. (no pun intended)

    1. Haha! Thanks so much Tobe!! So you think I should just stick with the current sofa, or do you think the next one will improve further?!


  2. Hah, I was going to say the same thing! I looove your current sofa! (But, I understand the need for a sofa bed. Oh, guests.) I'm local, so I kind of want to know if you're gonna sell the old one.

    With Kijiji, I try not to panic when I miss something great. It's all part of the karma cycle of used shopping. Sometimes things seem AMAZING in the ad, and then they can seem OMG PERFECT when the seller isn't getting back to me... when it might just be a regular old item. There are exceptions of course, but I try and fight against the weird psychological value that "the hunt" can give an ordinary object.

    Though I still dream about that beautiful, beautiful lamp posted on Craigslist for a steal... with no contact info. Sigh.

    1. Hi Christine! So nice to hear from a local reader! If I do end up getting this sofa bed (or another) I'll absolutely be selling my current one. Want me to contact you first? It COULD NOT be more comfortable, and I wish I could just add a bed to it . . .

      I'm so a victim of "the hunt" syndrome. I always want it more if I can't have it, and that goes for every part of life ;)

    2. Now you have me wondering whether it's foolish for ME to buy a sofa with no pull-out option. Hmm. Well, if you do sell it give me a heads up and if it's at the right price, maybe i can find a spot for it! Hah!

  3. Still with the current set up, IMO. It's perfect -- puppy included.


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