my (attainable) dream living room = found

Know what happens when awesome bloggers collide? More awesomeness. Awesomeness squared. It's science. Wait. Math. Yes, math.

Yesterday Joanna of A Cup of Jo posted the 500sq ft apartment of Oh Happy Day's Jordan, which she got a little help on from Jamie of I Suwannee (and the store Furbish). Enough links in one sentence for you? Well each of the blogs were already some of my faves, the shop is full of things I'd kill for, and the apartment . . . well, it's pretty much my dream apartment.

And when I say dream I mean REAL dream, not the "I love this but could never come close to affording it in real life" kind of dream, but the attainable "this would be ideal and maybe even possible" kind of dream.

The living room especially. It is my version of perfection for both who I am and how I live.

Great textile/colour mixing, books galore, and practical (aka not white) upholstery pieces and rugs - that will actually work for kids or pets - that somehow don't take away from the light and airy feel.

It makes me kick myself for not going paler when I painted my place, and want to take a butcher knife to my beige sofa. Although everything makes me want to take a butcher knife to my beige sofa.

The rest of the place is just as charming.

I'm pretty sure this space is going to be inspiring the crap out of my design decisions from here on out. Right now, its just giving me that familiar itch to move so I can justify an overhaul . . . oh dear....

If you haven't already, make sure you check out the original post via A Cup of Jo. It's a good'un!

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  1. Haha, I've had a tab open on my computer to A Cup of Jo since she posted it, just periodically checking in to drool over this. Personal favorite? The weird boob art/mammography pamphlets. I think this place totally has the same vibe as yours!

  2. This space is amazing. So much personality in 500 sq ft.

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