an ikea fabric gem

When shit hit the fan a couple of weeks ago, I did what any self-respecting 29 year old would do under the circumstances: I went home to my mama. While I was there we took some time out from my whingeing to do a bit of shopping, including the all important trip to IKEA. Some people go to the museum or the zoo to bond with the ones they love. I drag them to the mecca of all things particleboard. 

My biggest find of the day was an awesome rainbow stripe fabric that I thought could look great on my dining room chairs. At 6.99 a yard and super thick, it seemed almost too good to be true. I snapped up a couple of yards, but once I got home I started to wonder if maybe my "this budget find is actually super chic" radar had been way off...

Then, a couple of days ago, Jamie of Furbish posted this pic on instagram and her blog:

Instincts. Confirmed. 

If you didn't know that fabric was IKEA, you would never suspect it was so well priced. That chair is amazing, no bones about it. 

I'm still not sure it's the perfect pick for my purposes (it may just be too much, we'll see), it's just nice to get that little "you got this girl" confirmation, AND to find such a gem at such a great price point. Part of me is seriously considering hoarding a few more yards for future purposes. Can you imagine an interestingly-shaped kids headboard in this? Sublime. 

Of course, that would mean more fabric storing, and I'm already foisting old pieces off on friends. Anyone up for a little remnant sale? There may be some Kelly W. and Martin Lawrence Bullard in there just waiting to be loved...

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  1. Ikea does such a great job staying in tune with what's current and reproducing an affordable way for people to have similar trends.
    Two snaps, Ikea.
    Glad to see you back. As my 8 year old says, 'Girls rule, boys drool.'
    True story.

  2. glad you are feeling better. That stripe is amazing. I posted a striped headboard inside an antique frame long ago - that would be a cool juxtaposition, as well. Good to see you here!
    xoxo -e (modern24seven.blogspot.com)

  3. Gotta love some validation! I had a moment of that a few weeks ago when I realized the stools I use in my kitchen were chosen by Martha, queen of all things home, for her own kitchen.


    Love the fabric on that bergere chair.

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