bringing spring in on because it's awesome!

Hey all! I'm over on Because It's Awesome today, participating in Tobe's amazing House Guest series! I'm sure Tobe  and BIA need no intro, but just in case you're not acquainted be sure to pop over - her blog is definitely one of the good'uns. What am I saying - pop over either way! I'm giving Mother Nature the finger and rounding up some of my fave accessories to bring on spring no matter what the thermometer says. I'm tired of waiting!

If you follow me on Insta, you know that last weekend I did a little puttin' my money where my mouth is and started my own springification - slowly but surely! After toying with using rainbow fabric in my dining nook, I added some dashes of yellow to my bedroom . . .

put a bright pink shade and pretty tulips next to my saturday morning reading spot . . .

and shopped around for spring accessories of a different kind . . .

It's just a start, but these little things are making such a difference! Especially when it looks like this outside . . .

Le-ord. Will it ever end?!

So what are you doing to get over the "winter ain't goin' nowhere" blues? Are you bringing in some brights or focusing on a good old spring cleaning? I know I'm not the only one who can't wait to throw open the balcony doors and shake the cobwebs out over the railing!

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  1. That last photo made me cringe... Fingers crossed it's all behind us now!!! And yes, your bedroom is stunning. Can't wait for our lunch :)

  2. Whaaaaa. You're the sweetest. And your bedding is NAILS. So is that pink lampshade...in fact, it totally inspired me to get one for a little lamp in G's room!

    Totally didn't know you were still in the (snow) trenches, too. UGH.

  3. you're kinda kickin my butt with this spring decor! I need to get me some of that!

  4. Where did you find your lamp? And the shade! DYING to have!

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