why my love life is the worst and canadian shelter mags are the best


Honestly. HONESTLY. Although I am using the term "love life" veeeeeery loosely here. I can't even get into it it's so ridiculous.

You know when even you are laughing at your crazy self, shit is not going well.

In other news, yesterday I distracted myself by going to buy the new issues of my fave design mags: Style at Home and House & Home, and both of them KILLED IT this month. I mean, check out this "why didn't I think of that" idea for sprucing up god-awful slab doors:

What cheap rental doesn't have those doors? When you move you can either leave your brilliance for the next renter (who, if sane, will be grateful), or just remove the strips and paint over it. The holes likely would be small enough that the paint would fill it right up, and if not, a quick skim of poly-fill will fix that. Genius, I say. Genius.

S@H and H&H are the only hard copy design mags I buy every single month, without fail. And while it's not cuz they're both Canadian, it's still kind of awesome that they are.

Because honestly, they really are the best. And I really don't say that about everything Canadian. Our TV shows, for example? Not so hot. (I'm sorry Degrassi, but your bandwagon is just not one I could ride....)

No, I say that because they're so much more accessible than the Elle Decors and House Beautifuls of the world. Sure, some of the content is so far out of my reach it's laughable, but they always throw in a cute space filled with thrift shop finds, a high-low feature and a few awesome d.i.y tips to balance it out. They're just so much more Lonny. Or Domino (may she rest in peace). They're definitely more bloggy.

Also - and I don't know if it's true - but the real content to ad ratio just feels a lot higher. After reading it I don't feel like I just wiped my ass with a 10$ bill . . .

All this to say: if you haven't checked these players out, you should. I think you'll be surprised at how bad-ass this maple syrup lovin' land can be!

Need one last bit of proof? This infamous stunner was brought to us by H&H:


A gift for which we will forever be grateful.

Happy weekend beautiful ladies and handsome gents! I will see you on the other side, well rested and filled to the brim with Homeland reruns.

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  1. I so love Canadian shelter mags...and Canadian bloggers, photographers, designers. What's the deal? Maybe it's a French-influence thing. I haven't figured it out, but I'm with you. Wishing you a fun weekend...+ better luck in love. :) Come visit me sometime. I'm following you (so I'm sure you'll be hearing more from me soon).

  2. Ha! This entire post was adorable. I definitely need to get my hands on those Canadian Shelter mags... as much as I love House Beautiful, it's just so out of my reach, financially.

    Oh, and the skylight in that beautiful white & brass kitchen? Ah-mazing.

  3. Elyse, the "Diary of a Reno" home in the most recent H&H is my parents' neighbour's house! It is really spectacular...I love that you are giving a shout out to the magazine, and I'll be sure to tell Sally that you like it. :)

  4. I'm so late commenting on this post but I had marked it as unread and only came back to it now... I can SO relate to that graphic!! It made me laugh so much when I saw it. Cuz well, better to laugh about it than cry right? Better luck to us in 2013 :)

    Oh and yah, that brass kitchen is an all time fave.


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