apartment search gems gettin my brain abuzz

Do you often find yourself going through local MLS or rental listings just for fun? Do you invariably end up "dream renovating" and/or decorating your favourite finds of the day, designing the life you could create in between those four walls? Then you and I, my friend, are two peas in a pretty little pod. 

I'm currently helping one of my best friends find a rental in Toronto, and, like usual, I'm having a seriously hard time not falling head over heels in love. Sure, they're not for me. Sure, I don't even live in Toronto. And sure, I like where I live. But has that stopped me from sourcing everything from linens to lighting when I find a rare gem? Not even a little. 

This one, in particular, has gotten my imagination working overtime:

Can't you just smell the potential?! Affordable, central, and perfectly quirky, this is the type of space I live for. It's a big blank canvas and man oh man do I want to paint!

The kitchen, especially, is screaming for someone to put their mark on it. If I had my say, this would happen:

Except maybe in chalkboard paint to let my friend REALLY leave his mark:

I figure it's den-ish already, so I'd play that up rather than trying to fight the unfightable. Take cues from Ryan Korban and make it masculine and moody - a romantic spot to refill your glass of wine while chatting with the cook . . .

. . . before hunkering down by the (working!) fireplace. 

Absolute. Perfection. 

Unfortunately, there's been a condo boom in Toronto recently, so character places like this (that aren't 20 stories in the sky and encased in glass) go quick, and this one was no exception. Not unfortunately, that means more looking and more dreaming for little old me! It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it ;)

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  1. MLS is a VERY dangerous thing- I spend way way too much time on it doing exactly what you just said...daydreaming it was mine. That condo is amazing- if I build a house, every fireplace will be an antique marble one- love, love, love! PS, a little mention on my blog today...thank you again for shooting over that chandy!

  2. These are wonderful picks for inspiration! I hope you'll be able to put together a design as lovely as this for your apartment home. I especially love the design with the huge fork, but I would probably use it for a more spacious dining area like my apts in Tempe.


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