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A busy week at work means a late post today, but I wanted to get your expert opinions on somethin'!

A couple of weeks ago I moved my cowhide rug out of my "dressing room" and into my living room, where I'm loving it. The jute rug I had bought from West Elm for there only really lasted a year (am I the only one who's been a bit disappointed in West Elm rugs?) so this was my solution.

That's left the floor in my "dressing room" (the glorified other half of my bedroom separated by an arch) naked, and I'm looking for a new pretty pronto! I was hoping to bring in something different rather than just going with another hide, but the catch is this: the room is a VERY odd shape. Something like this:

See what I mean? That weird jut makes a cowhide really the best and only choice if I don't want the area near the door to look very off. Essentially, a rectangular rug would need to be shoved to one side of the room to fit.

I'm still torn though, and have it down to these two options:

The difference in price is fairly minimal, with the oriental coming out at about 80$ more. Both would go with my room colours swimmingly, but the cowhide would likely make the transition to a new look better. Plus, cowhides are the most durable and easy to maintain rugs in the history of time. Ever.

With all this logic on the side of the hide, you'd think my choice would be clear, but this morning I put a lowball "make an offer" bid on the oriental in a fit of impatience . . . now I'm not sure if I want it accepted or not!

So what say you? Was that bid a mistake? Do you think it would look absolutely ridiculous so off-center in the room? Are you kind of "meh" on the hide? A penny for your thoughts!

P.S. Happy weekend lovelies! We just got snow (yay!), but we also got -12 temps (booo). For you americanos, that's 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Yuck. Looks like a lot of puppy snuggling and cider for me!

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  1. I like both options and am going to toss another one in the mix...what about a round rug? Tougher to find a nice-looking one I think, but could solve the problem..

    1. I have to admit I kind of hate round rugs. . . they just look too "faux" for me. The best solution would be a 9 by 7, but I have been looking for years and have yet to find one I like in my price range!

  2. I feel you. I have a similar dilemma in my living room. It's oddly shaped due to a gi-normous piano that hogs most of the square footage. How would it look angling the rectangular oriental rug parallel to the slanted wall in the dressing room?
    PS, Mozel tov to your own dressing room. That sounds like a dream.

  3. First, I am completely jealous that you have a DRESSING ROOM! Talk about a girl's dream come true. Secondly, it sounds like from all the logic for the hide that would be the way to go. If you are on the fence because you don't want two hide rugs, would it be easier to find a new rug for the living room instead of the closet? Just a thought! :) Good luck with your decision! Can't wait to see what you chose! xo, Megan


  4. Girl, you can make it work either way! If you don't win the bid, though, it sounds like your gut is telling you to go with the hide. Go with the gut! (But both are gorge)

  5. Dude, that is a tough choice. I say go with the oriental. It is cozier, plus that color is bonkers.


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