p & b featured on ruffled! (plus a rug decision)

Hey there luvlies! Hope you had amazing weekends filled with hot chocolate, knit throws and fuzzy mittens! The temperatures around here went from unbearably cold to unseasonably warm overnight on Saturday, and we lost all our snow. I have to admit I'm a bit bummed about that. I don't miss freezing my ass off, but I do feel like this year's winter wonderland is being a bit of a cock tease. Hopefully it'll put out soon.

In other snow-related news, the Winter Wedding styled shoot that my amazing photographer friend Dallas Curow and I put together last year was featured on Ruffled today! So humbled that the Ruffled team chose our work for their wonderful choc-full'o-inspiration blog. I loved putting this shoot together, and learned so much in the process. Like the subtle tricks of food porn, and that it truly is an art, and one I hope to someday master:

I'll get there. One glass of Bailey's and block of shaved chocolate at a time.

Thinking about this shoot reminds me that I should not be complaining about weather, because our trooper of a model twirled her gorgeous butt off for hours in -32 degree (that's -26F) weather, and looked damn fine doing it.

Now that's balls.

Me, when I tried that dress on and flitted around like a giddy schoolgirl it was in the comfort of my own bedroom. And purely for preparatory reasons, of course.

P.S. for those of you who read p&b on the regular, and especially for you sweet things who weighed in on the debate, my lowball bid on the oriental rug was accepted, so it looks like I'm going that way! I sort of can't believe it, since I bid 180$, and it's an 8'8" by 5' rug. Kind of unheard of for a rug, no? I'm crossing all fingers and toes that that doesn't mean it's a hot mess!

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  1. YAY! P.s. This shoot was actually THIS year! And I only point that out (not to be a nerd) but simply so your other readers can know how much you accomplish within one year, you wonderfully talented lady! Also, as I said in person, I'm so happy you chose (and won) that rug. It's gonna look amazing.

    1. You're right, January is this year isn't it?! You're the sweetest luv, and you saying that about the rug reassured me SO SO much!

  2. What a great deal on that rug! Can't wait to see you style it!

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