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Hey there lovelies, hope you're gearing up for a great weekend! My boss is getting married tomorrow, so it's clean up/get down time for me. Long black dress, good friends, open bar. 'Nuff said.

I'm also gonna' be gettin' down d.i.y styles, because the fabric to make this happen just arrived on my doorstep**:

I know it might seem like the current look doesn't need fixin', but unfortunately the last time I bleached it (yes, I mean the last of multiple times - only thing I like better than d.i.y'ing is changing my mind), the light had had enough of my bullshit and got runny yellow stains all over the bottom. Which I tried to paint over. Which did not work.

So losses = cut. New plan = bold.

**Note: The fabric did not actually arrive on my doorstep. In fact, it arrived at my office because UPS decided to *say* they had been to my house three times but never actually show up, or at least not ring the doorbell. I know this because I WAS THERE AT ALL THOSE TIMES, DOUCHEBAGS. So I had to change my delivery address because I couldn't wait at home like a chump anymore.

They also charged me a 25$ "bringing it over the border" fee. On a 40$ package. Thanks for that motherfuckers.

Moving on.

I visited my parents last weekend and found this lovely lady just sitting lazily in my mom's sewing room:

(Oh, shitty iPhone pic. Enemy / trusty sidekick of bloggers everywhere...)

It's by my Aunt, and I'm a fan. It's gonna get a pretty mat and a snazzy frame and relocate to Montreal. My bedroom wall will welcome it.

While I was there I got the chance to smother/take a million pictures of the newest member of my fam-jam :

I am a huge supporter of anything that makes my Dad do things like this:

And then my little sister went and topped it all off by getting a super pretty ring to match her super pretty face:


If the wedding didn't need to wait until after she finishes nursing school it would be on like Donkey Kong. D.I.Y centerpieces out the wazoo, bitches.

But Donkey Kong can be patient.

He'll just be riiiiiiight here . . . sitting . . . waiting . . .

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  1. love the painting! and what a cute pup.

    congrats to your sis! oxox

    1. Isn't the painting great? My parents' place is a treasure trove sometimes!

  2. Donkey Kong lurking at the bottom made me crack up at my desk like a crazy man.

  3. I loooove the palm print. I think it will be a huge upgrade! Also, supes jealous you get to DIY centerpieces in the future. Even if it's not the near future.

    1. Sooo glad you think so Hannah! I'm pretty nervous and crossing my fingers it ends up losing as good in reality as it does in my head!

  4. Bahahaha the donkey kong pic KILLED me!!!! You are totally like him... waiting...fighting the urge to spring into wedding styling action

  5. I can't wait to see how that lamp comes out. Such a fun DIY!

    The Glossy Life

  6. The palm print is so good. I can't wait to see it finished. And that picture by your aunt...what a find!

  7. Hilarious post! SO happy to have found your blog through Anna. Love the palm print and that painting. Congrats to your sister.
    You newest follower

    1. Well I've been following you for a bit so it's great to have you here! And a fellow Canadian at that!


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