i heart your art (and design!): tia zoldan

My wishlist in Tuesday's Recently guest post featured some original pieces of art I've been uber lusting after, and judging from your comments, y'all agreed they're pretty killer! So today I thought I'd bring you a little more about one of the lovely ladies behind the pretty (namely that black and white stunner) - Miss Tia Zoldan.

I was first introduced to Tia through her gorgeous interior design work, but a quick google search revealed that she's also the talented painter behind the gorgeousness above (of which there is so much more)! In fact, almost all of her interiors feature at least one of her original pieces. I don't know about you, but that's my kinda two-fer!



{via 1/2}

What I love most about Tia's work is how wildly experimental it is. While it's all abstract, there isn't really much more of a common theme throughout. She doesn't seem to have a particular 'style', and I'm diggin' that about her.

She also happens to be the designer/owner of what might just be the most pinned kitchen of all time:


So, um, here's a question: how come some of us get to be so damn talented? Riddle me that, Tia Zoldan.

I call bullshit.

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  1. So glad I found you on Emily's blog. Just spent my coffee break peaking into your life on your blog and I adore it. Keep it coming chica!


  2. Hi Elyse! We originally shot most of these images for the first issue of High Gloss (www.highglossmagazine.com). I can attest to the fact that not only is Tia insanely talented-- her house is even more gorgeous in person, she has model good looks, AND she is one of the nicest people ever. Some people have all the luck! ;)

    1. Hi Paloma, so great to have you here! I had completely forgotten they were from HG originally - I can't believe how chock full of goodness that issue was - Jamie Meares' place too! I must admit, I miss HG quite a bit, but take solace in your blog :)

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