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I'm a huge fan of Homesense (Canada's Marshalls). I know it can be filled with some seriously tacky kitsch, but even at the worlds worst ones - which both happen to be in Montreal btw - I always manage to find some gems. And, quite frankly, the metal chickens and sequined dog thrones are good for a laugh.

Proof of it's awesomeness? The other day while I was perusing the aisles I snapped a couple of pics of the day's best, and realized later that they added up to one pretty sweet room. And if there's something that doesn't suck, it's one stop shopping that doesn't look like you one-stop-shopped.

I spent a bit of time in the bedding section, mixing and matching to make pretty sets (cuz I'm cool like that), and this was my favourite:

The two in front are Ralph Lauren, and up close the pillowcases were epicly amazing. You can't really tell here, but the little dots have a fabulous mossy tint to them.

I do believe I would put this ottoman at the end of the bed:

Put these on the side table:

And then spray paint this in a luscious mossy green before throwing it into the mix:

And hey, why not add the amazing Beni O from my last trip to Homesense, just for good measure:

Although if I did I'd toss a deep, burnt red throw over that ottoman to break up the beige on beige.

Not bad eh? I'm telling ya', this place isn't as craptastic as it may seem . . .

P.S. I'm not a crazy person. If that mirror hadn't been 349$ it clearly would have come home with me. Sigh. Trust me to love the one mirror in the entire store that's over 99$...

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