a simply wrapped christmas

Given how crazy things have been around these parts, I haven't had a lot of time to think about Christmas this year. When I do have a chance to, that craziness - and my mind being pulled in a million different directions - has me craving simplicity like no holiday season before. So while there are mounds of gorgeous, over-the-top, sparkly gift wrap ideas I'd usually go crazy for all over my Pinterest, my eyes - and my heart - keep getting drawn in another direction:

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Kraft paper, black and white ribbon, and sprigs of Cypress. No matter what else I see right now, nothing feels more beautiful than this. And the best part? Armed with this awesome tutorial on how to tie the perfect bow, even this frazzled mind can't possibly screw it up.


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  1. This is so gorgeously simple! I had a hard time deciding what to do this year too.. until I found some metallic silver, white and gold marbled paper at HOME GOODS. Amazing. $2.99/roll.. unheard of. So I did that with a mix of burlap and gold/white ribbon.
    xo, Peak


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