lara spencer: design schizo (aka kindred spirit)

When Sue of The Zhush pinned (and posted about) Lara Spencer's living room yesterday, it literally whipped me into a frenzy: 


Apparently At Home in Fairfield County just did a feature on Lara's home, and this gorgeous pic (plus a few more) was part of it. It essentially embodies the exact look I would love to achieve in my own home, and has totally reinforced my obsessive desire to have a velvet slipcover made for my sofa. Mine would be charcoal. And I would sing to it softly every night. 

Before seeing the feature I didn't actually know that Lara Spencer was into design, so I decided to google her previous homes. And what I found is the craziest roundup of completely different styles I have ever seen created by/lived in by one person. Honestly people, this lady is all over the map and back again. Twice. 

There's Chinoiserie/Hollywood Regency Lara:


Uber-Modern Lara (aka one I can't get on board with):


Asian-Americana Lara (can you think of another way to describe this?):


And Traditional Americana/Refined Lara (à la Tommy Smythe):


Some pieces (like the blue sofa and some of the lamps) can be seen more than once, but the look of the room as a whole is always a total departure from the last incarnation, not just a modified version. This is clearly a woman who's attracted to a million different styles, and her design loves sway with the seasons. Which means she is also clearly a woman after my own heart. 

Only difference? At least she finishes a space before her heart does a 180. Me? I've never been so lucky . . .

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  1. Asian-Americana Lara is has my vote! Ok the current house is pretty fantastic also but I just love that red faux bamboo tables, dusty purple walls, yellow lamps combo.

    1. Aren't those faux bamboo tables amazing?? My own second fave (after her newest house) has gotta be Traditional Americana - just love how tailored yet cozy it is!

      Btw, it's so nice to have you drop by - especially being a fellow Montrealer! <3

  2. LIKEWISE!!!! i am so indecisive bc i'm drawn to so many different styles. that first space, though. nails.


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