old-school china cabinets in the kitchen

If you know me you know I'm an absolute sucker for 'traditional' detailing, and pretty much anything interiors that looks like it might be more than a hundred years old. Crown moulding, ceiling medallions, herringbone wood floors, corbels . . . I would choose that shit over a modern interior any day of the week.

So when I first came across old-school china cabinets being incorporated into updated kitchens, my heart skipped a beat and did a little happy dance! China cabinets are usually reserved for dining rooms, but using them in kitchens is such a fresh, unexpected, and most importantly smart twist on tradition. The amount of storage is phenomenal, and the charm is palpable!

Some of these are clearly original to the homes, while others were only made to look like they could be, but all of them are simply divine . . .


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  1. This is a great roundup, and great revival of a traditional element! The fourth pic from the top is to die for. That's pretty much my dream kitchen. :)


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