a particular shade of red

On Friday, Heather of Habitually Chic posted pics of the Tribeca apartment of Mario Grauso and Serkan Sarier, and I have to say, it really is a showstopper. Apparently it was recently featured in Harper's Bazaar, but as HB isn't one of my go-to magazines, I hadn't seen it. So glad I got the chance. 

The entire flat is absolutely gorgeous and expertly curated, but I'm most enamored with the bedroom of Harry, Grauso's son. It's the perfect mix of masculine, feminine, tailored, and traveled. And the red. Oh the red. 


I don't even know what to call it. It's too light to be Oxblood, but too deep and refined to be Cherry. Whatever it is, it's magic.

A few of my all-time favourite spaces use the exact same shade. Like this open kitchen and sitting room by Tommy Smythe that literally blew my mind every which way from Sunday when I first saw it . . .

{images via 1/2}

. . . and this bathroom by Sara Story that I cannot get out of my head. I honestly think it's one of the most striking bathrooms I've ever seen. 


Those floors. I can't even take how much I love them. 

I would say, though, that I absolutely prefer them left bare like in the first pic, without the multicoloured bathmat drawing attention away. Because I'm pretty sure that's the key to what makes these rooms so amazing. In each of them, the red is allowed to shine against a backdrop of black, white, gold/brass, a little patina and almost nothing else. The designers have treated the shade like the star that it is, and haven't forced it to share the limelight with any other saturated colour. 

It's like pairing a bold lipstick with a strong smokey eye. It's just too much, and it diminishes the impact of the red lip. In one fell swoop, the look goes from classic and clean to trashy and overdone.

I, for one, am taking notes. I'm pretty sure that a bit of red is going to need to find its way into my next place. A velvet headboard perhaps? Or a painted vintage chandelier? The possibilities are endless . . .

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  1. I am SO in to red right now! It's the perfect balance of feminine and masculine. And it seems to go with every color, which amazes me. I found a living room pic with mint green walls and red accents that I can't stop thinking about.
    I know some are calling that red: bordeaux. Whatever it's called, it's fab.

  2. Hey! I would like to highlight the fact that you sure succeeded in making a beautiful site. Also I can't wait to ask you one thing that I am interested of. Do you take into considerations writing in a professional way or blogging is only a hobby of yours?

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I guess the answer to your question is: both. I'm a writer professionally (my day job), so I guess that does affect the way I write in general. That being said, on Peonies & Brass I like to take a much less serious tone, and write the way I actually think and talk, because it's more of a reflection of who I am. Does that make sense?


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