green kitchen love! no i haven't lost my mind...

First off, I want to send all of you huge hugs for the sweet messages yesterday. Nothing helps a shitty mood like whining your ass off and getting nothin' but love in return. You guys = the best. 

Secondly, I want to say a big fat HOLY COW about Bailey Quin's new home (published in Matchbook yesterday)! It is, by far, my favourite of her homes, and the girl has overhauled three. In like five years. Craziness. 

The bathrooms and kitchen are especially insane, and while I'll leave you to check out the former in the mag (you must, they are perfect), I just had to talk about the latter . . .


At first I couldn't tell if it was a trick of the light that made those cabinets look deep green rather than black, but once I confirmed via her Pinterest, it was like I was doing internal backflips. It just makes it so much bolder and more interesting, and it goes so well with the rug that I don't even know what to do with myself. 

Bailey posted more pics on her blog today, and I think it might actually be one of my favourite kitchens of all time. The oven KILLS ME:

Funny thing is, I was already planning a post about green kitchens. Last week, I came across this other looker that had me at hello...


...and I immediately started looking for others that got it right. Before seeing it, I would have thought green cupboards were an absolute no-no. I've been loving green for a long time - I posted about my crush in August, and even designed a whole photo shoot around emerald last winter (take that Pantone). But cupboards? That much? Well, between that lovely lady above and Bailey's even better version, I'm officially hooked.

Here are a couple more green beauties I'm not hatin' on . . . 




Pretty clear from these that adding a splash of baby blue in this scenario is a veeeery good idea. 

So what do y'all think? Is green the new navy for kitchen cabinets? Would you just love this one from afar or actually chance it?

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  1. I am so happy you loved this house because then I feel cooler for loving it too! When I saw it yesterday, I thought to myself "I wonder if Elyse is as obsessed with this home as I am?"

    The poodles?! The copper pots?! I just love it!

    I hope you're taking care of yourself and eating treats and cuddling up until the stress of last week fades just a little bit even.

    Lots of love :)

    1. Aww, hun! Do you read Matchbook? I haven't had the chance to yet this month - found out about the feature via her blog. And yes, this place is amazing! The only elements I don't love are the paint colour in the livingroom, and the finish of the cool bookshelf in her daughters room, which I wish was painted white. But everything else is so so good.

      Lots of love back, I miss you tons xoxoxoxo


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