relax valentine, we're cool...

Last week I joked that Valentine's and I were on the outs, but really, we're not. I mean, I think we've established that I'm single - and this is def the wrong place to be looking for an ode to romance - but I'm not lookin' for a throw down either. Valentine can breathe easy.

Honestly, unless your heart has just gone-done-been-broke (and if it has I'm sending you the biggest mother effin' virtual hug you can possibly imagine), then this is pretty much the most harmless holiday there is. No one is making you fly home to celebrate it with family, or commemorate it by eating turkey until your pants pop, they're just askin' you not to shit on their parade. You can handle it. I can handle it. We can handle it.

So let's smile at the happy couples - one of whom is probably slightly disappointed, the other slightly terrified - and go about our lives, sweet singles. Tomorrow there will be discounted roses and chocolate, and it just so happens to be payday.

All jokes aside (who am I kidding), there really isn't anything wrong with celebratin' a little love. Whether you're single, taken, or boning the whole football team, everyone's got somethin' they can recognize for its awesomeness one day out of the year.

So in honour of that, here's a little list of things that are currently making my days a teeny bit brighter...

1. Finally finding the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, after way, way too much "experimentation". The trick is to melt the butter if you like a flatter cookie. Which I do . . . I like it a whole extra jeans size worth.

2. Scoring gorgeous original art on a dime . . .

... and the way it looks in my kitchen.

3.  The fact that my mama has started using the term "boo". If she starts throwing down "shorty" I'm getting her a record deal.

4. Girls nights in, and the aftermath:

5. This guy...

...even though he leaves my place looking like this...

...because I get to wake up to this...

6. And last but not least - you. Cuz you're freaking awesome, and cuz I found out yesterday that one of you nominated me for a Homie.

That seriously makes me feel like this:

I could care less that I got borderline no votes, I'm just so stoked to be up there. No one knows about me yet, but that'll change, and the people who do know about me are amazing! It makes me want to keep at this thing and make it better better better, so thanks for that. A lot.

Next year . . .ALL THE VOTES.

Or maybe 10. Yeah, 10 would be good.

Be sure to have fun today ladies - whether it's the dirty kind or not - and to recognize the little things that rock your world. If there truly aren't any, let me know. I'll send chocolate.

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  1. One of your best posts yet! Also, your mom is the cutest

  2. your mom is adorbs - I am single and already spoke to my mama and several friends today. Lots of love to go 'round! We are lucky to not have pressure on us right now (trying to see the bright side)...heehee
    Happy Valentine's Day, gorgeous!
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)

    1. Oh that's totally a bright side! And no one to look at us cross-eyed while we lie around in sweats eating brownies ;)

  3. Your mom! I love that. Also, those nudes are killer, great find! Happy Valentines Day!

  4. i love this post. to all the votes! oxox

  5. LOVE this post! You're hilarious and your mom's cute. Congrats on the Homie nomination!

    1. I LOVE that you're feelin' me Gabby, especially since we're shopping in the same (crappy cough cough) market! We really should swap stories some time ;)


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