because sometimes the snowbanks get higher than my head . . .

Hey there lovelies! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. We got 15cm of snow last night - straight outta the blue - and freezing rain this morning to top it all off. I would actually be overjoyed about this (the first snows just mean Christmas is coming to me!) but when I stepped out of the house my feet were soaking wet within seconds. Apparently the soles of the winter boots I dropped almost 300$ on last winter have cracked over the summer, and the things are now borderline useless.

No. Fun.

So the only thing I have on my mind today is boots that can stand up to anything. Not all-leather boots topped with cute buckles that say they're waterproof - no, I made that mistake last year. Right now all I'm craving is straight-up, Michelin Man, I-live-in-f-ing-Canada heavyweights.

Truth be told, I want these to come back in stock so badly it kills me:

But since I doubt that's going to be happening anytime soon, I'll settle for one of these ladies:

Sperry seems to have the lockdown on utilitarian winter boots that are still cute. Anyone know if looks are deceiving or if these ladies can actually tough out a serious winter? Cuz really, at this point the quality matters more than the look. As long as I don't have to wring the water out of my socks or blow on my toes until they stop being purple, I figure I'm coming out on top.

Stay warm pretty ladies!
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  1. oh oh! go for 1 or 2! they are SO gorgeous and look seriously waterproof

  2. Just found your blog, so beautiful! I will subscribe :)
    I'm in Montreal too and can't wear any of my "good" boots this week either! I've been trying to make my waterproof winter boots work by overcompensating on the rest of my body!!


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