pillow indecision - in serious need of opinions!

First I want to send my thoughts and prayers to everyone dealing with the hurricane today. I've only lived through one hurricane (it left my street looking like this) but from what I hear that was kittens compared to this, so stay safe!

Secondly, I'm gonna go ahead and apologize for the mess in the next couple of photos. These were only meant for my own reference purposes while at fabric stores, but I'm sharing them because I'm honestly at a loss and need your help!

A few months ago I decided that my living room bored me and I wanted more colour, so I started switching stuff up. I moved some art. I bought a Kantha quilt. I found a plant I might not kill (maybe). All was going well until I hit the roadblock that is my cushions.

Here's what it looks like now (again, please pretend that I'm not a dirty slob. Also, the art and mirror are getting moved down several inches and slightly to the right. Whole reason I painted the chair rail.):

That poor tray table should start charging for labour. 

Here's the thing: I love my Lee Jofa Hisari pillows. They are super pretty, and were an absolute steal from BeStillShop on Etsy. The quality (of both the fabric and workmanship) is outstanding, and I don't want to put them in a closet. I also didn't want to replace the lamp because I have two in the room and the other one really works with the art on that side of the room. 

These are the reasons I chose those colours for the Kantha. And they're good reasons, but it's created a bit of a problem when it comes to finding a replacement for the pink lined pillow and a fourth friend to round it all out. 

Why? Well, because 1) I'm actually not a huge fan of blue, so I don't want to bring even MORE in there in the form of pillows, and 2) The difference in intensity of the colours in the pillows and in the quilt is enough that it makes for a bit of a balancing act. Get pillows that are too dark and the whole space becomes jarring and you lose the softer toned pieces. Get ones that are too soft and the Kantha takes over the whole show. 

See my issue?

I've played around with lots of pinks (since it's my fave and I know I will use it in other spaces down the road no matter where I move) but I'm having issues finding the perfect ones. Here's an example of a couple I played with last month: 

The fuchsia Ikat is good but maybe too vibrant? Also the background is much whiter than the white on the Hisari pillow. 

At this point I've spent HOURS and HOURS scouring Etsy (after nixing the stock at my local fabric haunts), and while I have a full favourites folder I just can't choose! I need your help peeps, and I need it bad.

Here are a few options I'm considering. I'm pretty sure I want a different one for each side rather than another matching pair:

A couple of things to keep in mind: I'm worried about the tones being off, particularly because we all know that monitors and lighting conditions while taking pics can change everything. A few of these pics were very clearly more exposed than others. Also, I'm fairly certain that the pendant light in my attached eating nook is getting covered in the green palm fabric of option #5, so it may make sense to bring it in even if it's just as a smaller lumbar. I think it'll look great with the rug in there:

So what say you?? Any opinions would be super appreciated! Also, what do you think of the changes in general? Got ideas on how to zhush up that lamp shade? Let's hear it people!

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  1. I love the second pink ikat pillow (the 3rd option). I think it complements the colors in your pillows and the vibrancy of the blanket. Pillows seem like such an easy decision but they make such a big impact and can either go very very right or very very wrong. Hope you'll show us how it turns out!

    1. That one IS great and is so so affordable. Only worried about whether the white on it is too white, but that wouldn't last long with the pup anyway right? ;)

  2. I would pick one palm pillow {LOVE} and one solid pink pillow to mix with the ikats. I would switch out your cowhide with your dining rug and see if you like. Cowhides are so durable it would make a great rug under your table, and the patterns and colors of pillows, blanket, dining rug would would be FAB! Good luck!

    1. Hmm, I was thinking about that combo too actually. Not sure about the rug if only because I think it might be too much for me all together... Are you not loving the cowhide there though because it just came out from my bedroom, so that might be good food for thought! I'm in the midst of figuring out a bedroom replacement but there's no sense in that if the cowhide isn't working :P

  3. I think if you want to keep the cowhide in there you need a larger rug underneath it--maybe in a solid contrasting color? I like the idea of that (crazy awesome) kilim (that I'm eterrrrrnally jealous of) in the kitchen and a kilim pillow in the living room, like to pull that look across both spaces. I actually really like the second combo you've shown--the darker tones help incorporate the kantha too. I'm currently stuck on my pillow situation though so what do I know?? haha

    1. Yeah I'd love to get a larger rug for underneath. Unfortunately at this point it's a budget things but maybe soon . . . That one is just the rug that used to be in there.

      I'm honestly considering cutting my losses with the Kantha and spray painting the lamp black. I am never satisfied!

      PS. Which combo do you mean by "the second one" luv?

    2. The second one from the top in your combo examples--the killim-style one. I like that it has some sort of manly/higher pigmented colors to sort of balance the pastels/feminine colors.

      I wonder if maybe you could move that large plant elsewhere in the room, shift the sofa to the left to give everything a little more 'breathing room,' and see if anything looks different without that large green presence? Definitely hear you on the rug, they're crazy expensive! :)

      Or what about making pillows out of the kantha if you like those prints together?

    3. Actually sans plant with the sofa moved over was the way it was previously but it looked surprisingly bare. I'll send you a pic!

      I like the kilim pillow too actually - my only worry is it being very similar to the rug but not the same colours. I'm thinking that would be fine though honestly. We'll see. I'm in a crazy "I'm starting from scratch"! kinda mood today so I need to get over that :P

  4. So I've been thinking about your living room and thinking that the Kantha with your existing Lee Jofa pillows are perfect together, it would be a shame not to use them. Even if the Kantha is folded over a sofa arm like a throw it would still be seen, but not obviously. The cowhide is good in the room, but maybe not layered over the other rug? As far as pillows, I like the two solid pink ones bc they're such a vibrant color. They'd round out the Kantha and ikat pillows beautifully. Are there any other chairs in the room? If you're looking to add another pattern maybe you could do that with pillows on additional chairs?

    I'm in the process of painting my family room and kitchen dark navy. It's going to be the shiz. I'll be posting sometime soon on it, I'd love your feedback.:)

    1. Aww, Lindsay, I love that you've been thinking about it. Thanks! Your feedback is definitely food for thought since I'd pretty much decided to give up on the kantha. I'll be posting some additional possibilities soon!

      I can't WAIT to see you dark paint! I've never had the guts and am so jealous you do ;)


Your comments make me borderline giddy! Thanks so much for taking the time!