wanderlust: greenwich hotel nyc

Many have tried, but rarely does a hotel actually achieve the goal of feeling like a home. The Greenwich in NYC is one of those rare exceptions that really blurs the lines. 

A project of Robert DeNiro's (of all people), many of the hotel's rooms could easily be mistaken for someone's incredibly well decorated loft of townhouse, and I could honestly picture living in these spaces rather than just staying in them. Which is good, since the prices are enough to make my heart stop! Lord have mercy some people have money to burn.

Thankfully none of us has to actually spend the night to get inspired by the Greenwich's cozy and collected vibe. The bathrooms alone are enough to stop any design lover dead in their tracks, featuring gorgeous brass detailing and stunning Moroccan tiles (including encaustic). Get ready for some pretty . . .

For more pics, including the other bathrooms and closeups on those tiles, check out oyster.com.

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  1. WOW! This place is gorgeous and I can only imagine the pretty penny it costs to stay here. At least we can gaze upon and appreciate the beauty :)

    1. Gorgeous huh? The penthouse alone in 6500$ a night though, which is so beyond crazy my mind can't even process it!

  2. I love love love the wood-paneled nook in that bedroom. What an inviting and cozy spot!


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