fabric find 2 for 1: more robshaw and a little david hicks

Remember when I found John Robshaw's Danda for only 23$ a yard? Well I guess time was all that was needed for more of his Duralee collection to find it's way to the masses, because today I stumbled upon not one, not two, but 21 of his gorgeous offerings on housefabric.com. Better yet, every single option is under 25$. Booya.

I would very much like one of these puppies to make its way home to me:

Or maybe all three. Cuz I'm fancy like that.

Honestly though, I'm wondering if these might be good options for my living room dilemma? Thinking one of the first two could be in the running for covering my dining nook pendant light too (instead of the palm print), but worried that they could come off as too childish. Thoughts?

And just because I'm feelin' extra sweet today, I thought I'd throw another Fabric Find into the mix for you luvlies! Not sure I should do this, cuz it might mean less pretty for me, but here goes: ever heard of the Decorator's Backroom on Etsy? It's a great place to check for deals on top designer fabrics.

Like, um, this hotness:

Yep. That's David Hicks' La Fiorentina. And she's hawking three colourways folks.

The prices don't seem that great at first glance, but if you look closer they're actually for 2 yards instead of 1! Plus she often has extra yardage available. That beauty above is 80$ for two yards, and she's got 25 yards of it in stock. That's enough to cover a whole damn sofa if you're so inclined.

And let's be honest, who in their right mind would not be so inclined? All the cool kids are doing it . . .

{fiorentina pics: 1/2/3/4/5}

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    1. Only crazy people don't vote for Hicks! My love is clear from my profile pic above I think ;)

  2. Love this Elyse - obviously. I use Hicks Fiorentina in almost every project I do! Check out my Eames lounger recovered in it...at:
    xoxo - e (modern24seven.blogspot.com)

    1. Elizabeth, I LOVED your apartment redo when you posted it. For some reason I can never pull off organic glam without it just looking drab but I feel like you're the master of it.

      Also, doesn't Fiorentina strike you as one of those fabrics that just never ever goes out of style no matter how many times you see it? I'm officially over Imperial Trellis and Chiang Mai - along with so many others - but I just can't quit Hicks. It can't be done.

  3. umm..me love you long time for those references. i have some serious upholstering decisions to make, and have been dragging my feet. too many options and i have expensive taste...

    i think you need something BOLD. cause you're awesome like that.

    1. Ooooh, what are you upholstering?? I hear you about expensive taste - I'm having to fight myself back from dropping hundreds on new pillows right now and I'm not sure I'm gonna win the war. Also, if the Decorator's Backroom had the Trina Turk Zebra in black instead of brown it would already be in my cart.

      P.S. You know I love you long time right back lady ;)


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