project organize: adventures in dollarama-land

Dollarama is usually a place I avoid. Not because of the stuff (lord knows I like a bargain) but because sometimes the people in there can be seriously sketch. Ok, all the time. The last time I went in a woman told me that "there's such a thing as saying excuse me you know". I walked by her in an aisle. Literally didn't even brush against her. It was so weird . . . I think her I-hate-my-life glare burned a hole in my soul . . .

Anyway, project organize has me braving the weirdos and hitting up Dollarama like it's my job. For a while I was researching fancy pants plastic catch-all's for my bathroom cabinet like this one from Amazon:
But then I thought "what if all the shit I own doesn't magically sort into those compartment sizes"? I mean, they're pretty specific. I could go about filling them all and end up with a whole lot of leftover stuff, like my hairspray, with nowhere to live. That's not cool. No man left behind. 

Also, those things are expensive . . .

So back to Dollarama I went, and for a grand total of 10$ (instead of about 60$) I got the same kind of plastic containers I used to organize my clutter drawer in the kitchen. And those puppies worked like a charm! The bottom shelf now holds everything that used to live there plus almost everything that the large wicker basket used to hold as well. Which means the wicker basket is all proper-like too! It even learned how to curtsy and keep its elbows off the table!

Here's the before again:

And now here's the after:

I know it may not look like a big change, but it so is! Every compartment thingy is organized by type of item (like vitamins, or nail care), except for the one in the front, which is all the things I use every day. It's so perfect, I just slide that one from side to side or out to get what I want in the back. And the ones in the back each slide out without moving anything else. Yay!! I'm thinking about labeling them, but have considered the fact that that might, in turn, label me. As a crazy person. 

I also put a simple white stick-on hook on the door for the cloth I dry my face with. I HATE having that cloth out in the open because it gets covered in eyeliner, so hiding it in the cupboard but having it easy to reach for when my face is wet is a must. 

Closeups on the containers: 

While it occurs to me that this may be incredibly boring for others, I think it shows how insanely simple and cheap it can be to get organized if you set your mind to it, and maybe it will inspire you to do the same! 

I said can be simple, not always is. Please don't look in my closets...

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